Northern Virginia Graphic Design’s diverse team of graphic specialists - led by technical design wizard, Peter Kosztolnik, and web guru, Gisela Lukacs-Kosztolnik - provides a wide range of graphic and web design services.  


Peter Kosztolnik

President and Owner


NVG-Design founder and president Peter Kosztolnik’s three decades of design experience spans graphic and technical design combined with a solid business background. Assisted by a talented team of designers, Peter delivers cutting edge designs with old-fashioned integrity. 


Get to know Peter:

  • Core experience: You may not believe it to look at him, but Peter has over 30 years of graphics and business experience.
  • Favorite food: He is a chip-o-holic. If it crunches, you better believe he’s eating it.
  • Something most people don’t know: Peter started working in graphics and helping out in his family’s business at age 16.
  • He was once voted “most polite.”
  • His childhood dream: running a business. He nursed these entrepreneurial ambitions at a young age with his first enterprise – mowing lawns.
  • If life were a movie: It would be a motorcycle-filled action adventure called Live Fast, Die Last.
  • Best part of his job: problem solving.


Gisela Lukacs-Kosztolnik

Managing Director


Gisela Lukacs-Kosztolnik, managing director at NVG-Design, is more than just creative. With degrees in both marketing and multimedia – and over 15 years of experience in the e-commerce, advertising, SEO, and web design world – Gisela crafts designs that get results for your business. She knows how to go after a target market and build a website that helps customers find you. 


Get to know Gisela:

  • Core experience: Gisela has over 15 years of advertising, marketing, and design experience, with a passion for everything web.
  • Favorite things to do online when she’s not working:  You can find Gisela scanning the app store for the latest innovations, reading white papers, or watching how-to videos. Fascinated by all things web, she can spend hours looking at images and getting inspiration.
  • Favorite movie: Sixteen Candles
  • What inspires her: innovation, creative thinking, and repurposing ideas and things into something great and new.
  • Favorite book: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  • Something most people don’t know: Gisela is a Dean Martin fan.
  • Best part of her job: creating and helping others.


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