RGB  vs CMYK  What is it and How are They Different?

RGB color mode stands for Red, Green, Blue 

Your computer uses RGB and this color mode is associated with electronic displays like your monitor, scanners and digital cameras. The primary colors Red, Green and Blue can be combined to create a variety of different colors. RGB produces more vivid and vibrant colors than CMYK and is used in photo editing software because it offers a wide range of colors. This is why you may see a slight difference in colors when viewing a printed item at a print shop vs your computer monitor. Your monitor may show a vivid color but when printed the color may seem to be dull.



To accurately print your flyer, poster or picture, it must be converted from its original RGB format to CMYK. This is done by designers and graphic design shops by using software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.


CMYK color mode stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and the K is for Black.


Printers use CMYK to print onto paper. These four colors are used in printing and are requested by printing shops. CMYK colors show up differently on your PC monitor because your PC doesn’t have the correct filters.


The key to avoiding potential color printing issues, is to have your graphic designer convert all graphics to CMYK format during the layout design phase.


RBG vs CMYK Infographic

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